Enhancing 911 with

telehealth nurse

triage services

How It Works


Caller contacts 911 and is connected to a dispatcher

Dispatcher determines that the call is low acuity and clears for nurse triage  

TruTriage Nurse Triage Telehealth

TruTriage nurse assesses the patient and directs the patient to the most appropriate level of care --

urgent care, home care, or emergency care if needed

To learn more about TruTriage's process, view the demo video

TruTriage Features


TruTriage offers a HIPAA compliant, video-enabled remote 911 nurse triage solution. We provide a full-service solution to enable organizations to deliver nurse triage for low acuity 911 callers regardless of their resource capability.


TruTriage also offers our software as a Software as a Service based solution for customers who need a platform to run their own nurse triage program.

TruTriage supports communities through our COVID-19 help lines and has the ability to direct patients to non-traditional care sites such as testing sites, or converted convention centers.

TruTriage has partnered with UberHealth to provide rides to alternative care for patients without access to reliable transportation.

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